Large & Heavy Equipment Transport

For Large, Unusual, Or Heavy Equipment, SeaRoad International Have The Experience To Transport Your Items End-to-End Safely & Cost Effectively.

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heavy equipment transport

Large & Heavy Equipment Experts

Specialists in transporting large and unusual equipment, such as mining, roadwork, and large construction equipment.

heavy equipment transport

End to End

Sit back and relax as we look after complete end to end transport of your large and unusual equipment from origin to destination.

heavy equipment transport

Advanced equipment

Where the others struggle, we succeed thanks to specialised lifting equipment, hydraulic trailers, and 45+ years of experience.

Do you have difficulty finding an experienced transport operator for abnormal, oversize, and heavy equipment?

SeaRoad International are experienced with transporting an extensive range of large equipment across Australia. With a strong focus on safety, we take care of the end-to-end process of moving your large equipment by road, including handling paperwork and compliance with local councils, State Governments and transport departments.

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Mining And Roadwork Equipment

Abnormal Items Transport

House Boat Transport

Aeroplane Transport

Large Item Transport Case Study

heavy equipment transport

Moving a large tank from Rockhampton to Port Douglas, the manufacturer could not find a trailer low enough to transport his load.

We became involved and used our 500 mm load height trailer – designed to be as close to the ground as possible – saving them from suffering the added cost and additional wait time in applying for a height permit.

Enquire Now

Please provide the approximate length, width, height and weight of what you’d like to transport, along with a basic description of the item, and we’ll get back to you to discuss your project.

SeaRoad International specialise in the transport of boats and oversize equipment and machinery, with 40 years of oversize freight and logistics experience both in Australia and Internationally.

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