Our Story

SeaRoad International is a brand new venture combining old-fashioned service with the most advanced machinery in the industry. With over 45 years in the transport industry, Greg Triffett – or GT as he’s more commonly known – is a trusted and respected name in the Australian oversized transport industry.

Following a long stint working in the United States, Greg returned to the Gold Coast in 2002, where he worked specifically in boat transport, developing varied experience in loading, transit, safety checking and transporting of large and oversize boats. It was during this time he developed the stubborn spirit that lead him to declare that “if they said it couldn’t be done, we had to prove them wrong.”

Still residing on the Gold Coast, Greg has been delivering factory boats Australia-wide for dealers, export sales and factory customers. With wide-ranging experience delivering large boats all over Australia for export, he’s developed decent buying power with interstate partners in Australia, and coastal shipping to islands and main capital cities, as well as full rail services.

  • With experience dating back to the early 70s, Greg has dealt with the local and interstate transport of oversized equipment his entire career
  • He has vast experience in transporting equipment for the logging and earth moving industries
  • For 19 years, he worked for Bramble Sea-Cargo, a shipping company based in Tasmania, giving him great buying power
  • He’s also worked for T.N.T, one of Australia’s largest transport companies
  • Since the late 90s, he’s worked frequently in the USA
  • Worked for Riviera Boats on the Gold Coast for 12 years as a permeate factory transport contractor

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Please provide the approximate length, width, height and weight of what you’d like to transport, along with a basic description of the item, and we’ll get back to you to discuss your project.

SeaRoad International specialise in the transport of boats and oversize equipment and machinery, with 40 years of oversize freight and logistics experience both in Australia and Internationally.

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