Transport Options & Trailers

Here you’ll find every trailer that makes up our fleet. These trailers are designed to be the lowest and most versatile trailers in the marketplace, specifically designed for high and abnormally-sized loads.

Looking to buy or hire? All of the trailers pictured below are available for purchase, as well as long-term dry hire.

Boat Transport Trailers & Options

SeaRoad International specialises in boat and yacht transport, including cruisers and house boats of all sizes. Our boat trailers have the versatility to carry mono-hull, twin-hull and multi-hull boats.

We are equipped to transport and self-load large boats, such as houseboats, catamarans, and anything we can get underneath to lift with our hydraulic trailer, as well as mask transport up to but not limited to 26 metres.

Vehicle & Plant Equipment Transport

Our trailers are designed to carry tanks, trucks, buses, RV’s, large caravans, plant equipment, mining equipment, small planes, helicopters, and just about any oversized or abnormally-sized load you may have.

Double Drop Extendable Trailers

These trailers are designed for especially high loads, with around 4.5 meters of product before any extra height permits are needed. Travelling with a high load can often mean having to pay a power company to lift power lines during transit. With one of these trailers, your load lies lower, meaning this utilising the power company may no longer necessary, leading to a cheaper overall service.

Specifications: 7.5 meters down in the well; 15 meters open up; 500 load height; rated at 25 ton open.

Tilt Trailers & Trailers For Long Loads

Our tilt trailers are capable of self-loading, and lifting house boats and catamarans. With front and rear lift rams and a 20lb winch.

Our longest trailer, fitted with container pins, is capable of transporting loads of up to 22 metres.

Drop deck expandables and flat top expandables.

Hydraulic Tilt Trailers For Self-Load and Unloading

A large houseboat being transported on our Hydraulic Tilt Trailer
This is a 4.3 metre tank, being transported with our Hydraulic Tilt Trailer
This is a 6.6 metre wide and 15.8 metre long house
The unique Hydraulic Tilt Trailer allows us to efficiently transport large boats, houses and more

Enquire Now

Please provide the approximate length, width, height and weight of what you’d like to transport, along with a basic description of the item, and we’ll get back to you to discuss your project.

SeaRoad International specialise in the transport of boats and oversize equipment and machinery, with 40 years of oversize freight and logistics experience both in Australia and Internationally.

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